Navitel Navigator 9.8 for Android

4 April 2017

NAVITEL® released a new version of Navitel Navigator for devices based on Android. The navigation app Navitel Navigator 9.8 now builds three alternative routes.


Navitel Navigator 9.8 for Android

Navitel Navigator 9.8.:

– builds three alternative routes

Navitel Navigator 9.8 creates three alternative routes and displays time and distance for each of them on the screen. Route calculation is based on real-time road traffic. Users can switch between the three options to choose the most suitable one.

– supports Q1 2017 maps

Q1 2017 maps are available for Android-based devices. The maps feature updated address and SpeedCam databases, current information about road network and infrastructure. The latest release adds new intersections and roads with speed limits applicable to different types of transport. The POI database has also been updated and features a multitude of new entries.

– displays real-time traffic for your route faster

Navitel Navigator 9.8 builds routes using real-time traffic data faster than the previous version. Traffic data is displayed on the screen and regularly updated when a device is connected to the Internet.

Android users can get the latest update from the DOWNLOADS page on the official NAVITEL® website or via Google Play.

New users can access a 7-day trial period. When the trial period expires, the program will switch to limited functionality mode. In order to use the premium version you must buy a license key.

You can also purchase a 1 Year Subscription to the chosen maps and enjoy the advantages of the premium version with full functionality for the whole year*. You decide if you want to renew the subscription after a 1-year time period or cancel it. Navigate the world on your own terms!

It is recommended to download Q1 2017 map update to enjoy all advantages of the new version of Navitel Navigator.

*Subscription is available for all existing navigation map packages, except for maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, or any packages containing at least one map of these countries.

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